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Brown’s Gymnastics – Vegas’ #1 gymnastics school

brown's gymnastics

Our philosophy is that children are the world’s most precious resource. Our mission and goal is to help every child who participates in one of our gymnastics programs. We strive to have a positive effect on each child’s sense of self, including their self-esteem and confidence. We believe that fitness can be fun! 

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Discovery Children’s Museum – friendly interactive exhibits

Discovery Children's Museum

The mission of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is to provide a vibrant and engaging experience through exhibits and programs, where children from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds can participate in playful learning experiences that ignite a love of lifelong learning. 

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Jupiter Express Railroad – great fun, great memories

jupiter express railroad

Ride into the past and experience the excitement of a bygone era. The Jupiter Express transforms your next event, into an extraordinary memory. You’ll earn the history of the steam locomotive and how the Transcontinental Railroad brought America together sparking the industrial revolution. 

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Rock the Tea Party – young girl camp, workshop and more

Rock the Tea Party

Rock The Tea, A New Way To Party… Rock the Tea was created by a mom of three who loves planning parties. Laura Heller wanted an elegant place where girls can come and use their imagination and creativity. Rock the Tea takes care of the whole party planning process, so the parents can relax. 

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