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Don’t Ever Bet Against Vegas

I have lived in Las Vegas since 2006 and prior to that had been coming to Vegas for several decades.

I can say with a lot of confidence that Vegas will come back strong, it is a City that gets knocked down dusts itself off (reinvents itself ) and gets back on its feet.

I have heard stories about the time it came back after being shut down for 12 hours, after the world tragically heard President John F. Kennedy was assasinated.  The only time other than the Pandemic of 2020, that Vegas was ever shut down.

We went through the 80’s when Vegas had to reinvent itself (went corporate), we came back after almost being extinguished in 2007 from the recession and we are showing great promise today of making a nice come back after most of our nations population, gets vaccinated and feels comfortable to travel again.

What appeals to the tourists who visit Vegas is the history, the stories, the electrifying entertainment and the chance to go home with today’s equivalent of like many did in the Gold & Silver mines in Virginia City Nevada in the 1840’s.

The love of this beautiful City if you are a resident is the fact we are tucked in a surrounding of mountains protecting us from many natural disasters, the weather is the closest to California anywhere in the Country, the convenience of shops being opened to everyones different schedule and the endless appeal to elite business men such as Mark Davis (Las Vegas Raiders), Elon Musk (New Underground Tunnels), Richard Branson (Virgin Hotels), Derek Stevens (Circa Resort) and William Foley (Las Vegas Golden Knights) who trust and feel Las Vegas is worth investing billions into.

The residents of Las Vegas, Nevada are grateful for this steady influx of forward thinkers, movers & shakers and with tourists once again showing their great faith in Las Vegas shining brighter than ever.

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